Pillowtalk Drops



It all began with the Pillowtalk ring, then the Pillowtalk earrings and, well, you asked and I listened: Pillowtalk drops for U keepers.  Available in 18k rose gold with rose quartz, 18k yellow gold with rough or smooth lapis.  Other combinations of yellow, white, rose or green gold set with onyx, carnelian, or jade are available.  Contact Disegno for more details.

Already have U keepers?  Contact Disegno for the pricing of the drops alone.

See the Pillowtalk ring here:  https://www.disegnojewellery.ca/products/pillowtalk-ring

And the Pillowtalk earrings here:  https://www.disegnojewellery.ca/products/pillowtalk-earrings