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Gem School

Gem Talks

Pamela is now available for speaking engagements. She presents an informative — yet accessible and engaging — talk that is perfect for social club meetings or light entertainment for trade shows and industry events (particularly in the fashion industry). In a lively presentation, Pamela will introduce you to:

  • what natural gems are ...
  • ... and are not! Including synthetics, simulants, composites, assembled gems and gem treatments;
  • how we categorize gems into species, groups and varieties;
  • an overview of testing and identifying gems;
  • considerations in grading gems;
  • considerations in designing gems into jewellery;
  • care of gems and jewellery;
  • and lots of time for questions!

Pamela has 30 years of expertise including professional training in jewellery design and gemmology. As a feature writer for Ottawa Life Magazine’s The Jewellery Box series, Pamela is constantly adding to her knowledge base. Book your gem talk today, call 613-482-1614.

The Jewellery Box

Pamela's ongoing online feature in Ottawa Life Magazine where she brings little gems of history and lore, care tips, design ideas, trends, insight, birthstones, and much more from the colourful, sparkling world gemmology and jewellery.

Pamela enjoying the view
from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Pamela also enjoys a career as a freelance writer for major Canadian newspapers. Her ‘gig’ was subjects in remote areas. The more remote the better. Want to go on a little adventure? Click here.