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A Field Guide to the Crowns and Gems of the Coronation of King Charles III

A Field Guide to the Crowns and Gems of the Coronation of King Charles III

On May 6th, for the second time in a year, the world will be privy to a rare viewing of...
The Gems in the Imperial State Crown

The Gems in the Imperial State Crown

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of King Charles III provides a rare opportunity to see some of the collection of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.  Chief among them is the Imperial State Crown.
Grey pearl ring 18k green gold.

Pretty little pearls — A wee primer on pearl cultivation

In reality, when it comes to pearls, the world’s not just your oyster, but your bivalve. And since June’s the birth month of pearl, let’s explore how pearls form naturally and how they’re cultivated. First though, a little history.
Pink pearl drops on yellow gold studs.

If June is the month of your birth, the pearl is your stone

Pearl is now the most oft-cited birthstone for June. But, historically, that month was variously assigned emerald, agate, chalcedony, turquoise and cat’s eye. But now it’s pearl with the alternatives of alexandrite and moonstone.
International Space Station

Disegno in Outer Space

Owner/designer Pamela Coulston created pieces carried to the International Space Station by astronaut David Saint-Jacques, making her fine jewellery designs the first to leave the confines of Earth’s atmosphere.
Very large smooth gem in green gold ring.

Birthstone overview: How 12 gemstones became natal symbols

By the time the Israelites were exiting Egypt, gemstones had long been used for talismanic, devotional and medicinal uses.
Very large Emerald with diamonds in ring.

The exceptional emerald is the birthstone for May

Know that your assigned gem the emerald is more elusive than diamonds, more elusive than perhaps all the other birthstones.
Queen wearing green dress and brooch

Colour in the time of COVID

On Sunday April 5th, Queen Elizabeth came before the cameras in a rare national address. It was only her fifth in 68 years of rule. She wore green.
Diamond ring platinum.

Birthstones: April

Well April baby, you won the lottery. Diamond is your gem. It wasn’t always, and still isn’t by a number of traditions, but in North America it is
Very large light blue aquamarine cabochon gem in green gold.

Birthstones: March

Lucky March baby, you have two gems to choose from: Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

Deep purple gems in green gold earrings.

Purple rules: Four purple gems

Nothing says “I rule” like the colour purple. Since ancient times, this is the colour most associated with royalty. Or with musicians royally renamed.

Man and woman's hands holding snowball, forming a heart.

The man manual to buying an engagement ring

Until now, buying an engagement ring was not for the feint of heart – kind of like marriage itself. Until now, entering the realm of rings daunted the most steadfast of men.
Very large purple gem in white gold ring.

Birthstones: February

Born in February? Drink up: Amethyst has you covered. Myth has it that this purple variety of quartz will keep you sober and clear headed.
Medium size green gem in platinum ring.

Birthstones: January

First up for a year in birthstones is garnet. It’s no surprise that the most oft-cited gem symbolizing this dark month is garnet. Legend links beautiful dark red garnets to Persephone, the maiden daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Deep golden brown gem in green gold ring.

Intro: The Jewellery Box

We are all magpies for something: Shiny little stones sparkling in the light, thokchas that make us believe in a higher god, curiosities of nature that hold us in their magic.