Disegno Bespoke - Custom Designing

Custom designed jewellery in 18k gold and platinum like you've never before experienced. I'm professionally trained in design and have a strong design aesthetic. More importantly however I'm here to help you bring out your design desires.

Custom designing can begin with your gems or the finest gems I can find to fit your budget, or no gems at all. Together, we'll explore your ideas and elements that reflect you, and I'll refine them on paper. The process doesn't stop with the first drawing; if need be, I'll re-draw it until you're happy. The designs are drawn to size and are precise down to the quarter-millimetre, with top, side and end views shown — there will be no mistaking what you are getting. Then there's the wax model stage at which more refining can be achieved before the piece goes to metal. For more details, see the photographic chronology below chronicling the creation of a custom designed solid 18k gold bracelet (and see the Gallery for zoom images).

In 2011, Disegno began Toronto Bespoke, a custom design event held regularly in the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto's ultra-fashionable Yorkville district. The Windsor Arms was consecutively voted Toronto's number one hotel by Condé Nast Magazine.  Contact Disegno for the dates of the next event. This is also a perfect opportunity to bring your old gold for credit — see The Gold Bar for more details.

Contacting me from further afield?  I'm not daunted. A number of years ago I created the Continental Animals bracelet in solid 18k gold for a client running a game lodge in a remote area of northern Botswana. See Canada-Canada for the results and his appreciation under Testimonials.

Contact Disegno for more details.

The Creation of a Custom Designed Solid 18k Gold Bracelet

1. Drawings
It all begins on paper: detailed designs hand-drawn to scale.

2. Wax
A model is carved in jeweller's wax, in which refinements can be made. This model is then cast in the client's choice of precious metal.

3. Silver Metal Model
If numerous copies are required (e.g. the links in this bracelet) then the wax becomes a metal model in sterling, a rubber mould created from it, and from the mould copies in gold or platinum.

4. Rough Cast
This is the rough cast of a link in 18k yellow gold showing the cut end of the sprue.

5. Rough Cast
First round of clean up of one of the gold links.

6. Rough Cast
Getting a sense of the links together.

7. Inlay
Specific to this project only, 18k rose gold raised inlay soldered into groove (pre-polish).

8. Inlay
Again, specific to this project only, this photo shows links with rose gold inlay, rough polished.

9. Polishing
I showed the client three polishing options. First option: high-polished yellow gold, matte finished rose gold.

10. Polishing
Second option: matte finished yellow gold and high-polished rose gold inlay.

11. Polishing
Third option: both the yellow and the rose gold were high polished — the client chose this.

12. Details
Finished bracelet shows the exquisite detail of 18k rose gold inlay and 18k white gold connectors.

13. Clasp
Length of the clasp was created to exact measurements to ensure an overall bracelet length of 7.5".

14. Clasp
The client requested the clasp be made very tight and not easily opened.

15. Clasp
The hand-fabricated figure 8 catches on each side of the clasp give an additional security to the closure.

16. Movement
18k white gold rods allow for articulation of the links.

17. Clasp
Detail of the clasp interior and figure of eight catches. Note the overhang of the rose gold inlay providing a 'handle' for opening the clasp.

18. Behind the Scenes
Textured and matte finished underside of the links and the hand-fabricated plate with the 'Disegno' trademark and 18k stamps.