".... I'm speechless, the ring is gorgeous and beautiful and arrived perfectly safely, happily, and on time.  I just appreciate the work you put in to it so much.  It's really, really gorgeous and everyone who sees it, everyone close to me, really loves it.  It reflects everything I wanted in a ring.  I'm looking forward to doing more [custom designing] with you.

(See Chantal's ring here: Pretty in Pink)
Chantal C.


I just wanted to let you know that my ring was just delivered.  It's beautiful!  I have it on already.  I'm just thrilled.  It's even nicer than I thought it was going to be.  We both love it.  And I want to thank you again.  It's great!  I'm so thrilled, I just can't tell you!


Eleanor A.  


Dear Pamela:  The bracelet is fantastic.  I am very happy with it and it was definitely worth waiting for.  Thanks for your help over the past year.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for some interesting jewellery, and look forward to hopefully working again with you sometime in the future." 

(I did a custom 18k charm bracelet for Mr. Gifford with an animal representing each of the continents: kangaroo, tiger, sheep, elephant, grizzly bear, alpaca, penguin).

J. Gifford

Thank you so much, I received my beautiful polar bear pendant yesterday, he is just beautiful.  I love and adore him and will cherish it. Many thanks.

K. Mapley
Tasmania, Australia


Yesterday Fed Ex arrived and last night the ring found its way to Dyan's hand. This ring is by far and without question the most beautiful jewelry ever!!!  Thank you so much.  A very happy me, (and a giddy-with-delight Dyan),

Rick V.
Chicago, Il.

Hi Pamela,  I just wanted to tell you again how much I love my wonderful new diamond ring.  I knew you would make something beautiful, but I was not prepared, even after the drawing and the wax model, for just how fabulous it would be! It is just exactly the right design to complement my wedding band.  Thank you so much!!

Anne G.
Ottawa, Canada

It has been a few weeks that I have been meaning to send you a message to thank you for the beautiful workmanship that you did on my ring.  I love it and every day I wear it I love it even more! I have received many compliments and friends have told me that it very much suits my character and style.  I had been "looking" for a ring for almost two years and very happy that I walked into your store.

G. Frost
Ontario, Canada

Hello Pamela, It was worth the wait! I love it! I have looked for years for someone to make a ring exactly like this one and I finally found that someone.  I hope to save my money and purchase more of your beautiful jewelry. Take care, Pamela, and thank you for such a beautiful ring.  I will cherish it forever.

Arlene D.

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to discover Pamela at the Christmas Art Show in Toronto.  The designs, the creativity, the exclusivity and the beauty of her jewelry “Disegno” charmed me instantly.  Sadly, at that time, I did not make a purchase.

After returning home, I kept on thinking about Pamela’s beautiful jewelry.  In the following weeks, I searched the Internet to successfully find her, as I did not have her business card.  I would like to mention that not only are Pamela’s pieces of jewelry exquisite and beautiful but that Pamela herself is superb.  Her affability, her kindness, her patience.  I am wearing her designs with pride and elegance!

Cette année, j’ai eu la belle opportunité de découvrir Pamela au Salon des arts et métiers de Toronto.  La conception, la création, l’exclusivité et l’esthétique de ces bijoux «Disegno» m’ont charmé et plu instantanément.  Malheureusement, à ce moment-là, je n’ai pas fait d’achat.

De retour chez-moi, j’ai continué à penser aux beaux bijoux de Pamela.  Dans les semaines qui suivent, comme je n’avais pas sa carte d’affaire, j’ai cherché à la rejoindre via son site Internet et ce, avec succès.  J’aimerais vous dire que non seulement les bijoux de Pamela sont exquis et de toute beauté mais que Pamela elle-même est superbe.  Son affabilité, sa gentillesse, sa patience et son aide sont sans pareilles!   En effet, j’ai pu acheter deux beaux morceaux de bijoux par téléphone et à distance.  Je porte ces bijoux avec fierté et élégance!

S. Dufour
Toronto, Canada

Thank you Pamela for the excellent work on the gold rings.  I gave them to the children at Christmas and they really are thrilled with them.  I'm very grateful for all the thoughtfulness and care you put into assembling them in the wooden boxes and wrapping them.  They were a real hit and they've made a big impact on the family.

(I created solid 18k gold rings engraved with the family crest for each of H. Lay's children).

H. Lay
Toronto, Canada

Dear Pamela: I would appreciate it if you would add this to "testimonials":  I was searching for sterling silver inukshuks and found the Disegno site...SO glad I did!  I am now wearing my mini inukshuk pendant, and my large inukshuk pin is at home on the lapel of my tweed blazer.  I love them both; the quality is unbelievable and the design has great detail and texture.  To say that I am very pleased is an understatement!

Brenda Johnson
Nova Scotia

... the rings are amazing, perfect, fabulous .... and add any other superlatives you wish. The fit is great, the 'look' wonderful.  The trios are so solid and tasteful and the Fat Orbit whimsical yet not over the top .... I wish I had more beautiful hands to show them off, but now they look so much better, adorned by these works of art.  I may just spend the rest of the day playing with the various combinations!

So thanks again for the wonderful rings, and it was delightful dealing with you.

M. Pratt
Nova Scotia

I just picked up the mail and received my ring. It's beautiful! I just love it! It's just perfect! It couldn't be better!

I thank you very much and you've given me such wonderful service and I just love that ring.  I even love the feel of the weight of it.  It's very, very nice.

M. Rapson
Ontario, Canada

I ordered a beautiful penguin pendant from your online store for my fiancee for Christmas as penguins are her most favourite thing in the whole world, and was unsure about getting the right size and make of a chain for it.  You had helped me as we exchanged a couple of emails back and forth.  I was very pleased with the service, and the product as was my fiancee.  I wanted to take a moment to email you and commend you on such a friendly and personal service and I would definitely order from you again.  Thanks for helping making someone's Christmas a very bright one this year Pamela!

A extremely satisfied customer,

W. Burton

I was already an aficionado of fine jewellery when I discovered Disegno a few years ago. I have since acquired a number of Pamela Coulston's pieces.  The exquisite designs in her collection always appeal to my senses.  Every piece has its story, infusing life into the precious metal that is invariably plied into delightfully surprising contrasts of sharp edges, peaks, valleys and sumptuous curves of 18k gold or sterling silver.  Disegno jewellery is artwork that draws attention and is very comfortable to wear.  I trust in the quality and integrity of these designs as they stand up to the test of time and persist in being unique and beautiful.

Catherine Clement
Toronto, Canada

I was delighted to receive a pair of Disegno's trumpet cufflinks as a gift.  I have found even more delight in wearing them.  The flared ends make them easy to get on with one hand (very important), and the ever so slight bend in the middle keeps them in place.  I appreciate well executed design and these cufflinks make the cut: A clever design, clean lines and a start to many conversations.

Jean-Paul S.
Ottawa, Canada

Dear Pamela,   You asked how I found your website.  The whole story is quite a long one, starting with my love of polar bears and my dream of one day seeing them in Churchill, Manitoba.  Every year I looked at the holiday brochures and thought 'One day....' Then in November 2001, after 3 years of trying, I finally got on the TV show 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'.  I was lucky enough to win £250,000 and the very first thing I did was to book our dream holiday to Churchill.  As Canada is quite a distance from the UK, we spent some time in Toronto where my partner bought me a pretty silver polar bear pendant.  I wore it almost every day until I lost the little bear.  I started to search the internet for a suitable replacement, at first trying UK companies, and then widening my search to the US and Canada.  Nothing was right until I finally found your bear and knew straight away that he was the one!  He's even more beautiful than the original, a bit bigger, with such wonderfully crafted features.  I love his claws and his tail, neither of which my first bear had.  Please let me thank you again for your really beautiful bear, and rest assured that he'll be treasured and loved for a very long time.

D. Hallagan
United Kingdom

I purchased your 18k gold sunflower earrings with the citrine centers -- which I love, love, love! Your work is beautiful and "weighty", which I like!!  Please send me the 18k gold pink tourmaline and peridot drop earrings from the Quadrati collection. Thank you very much,

(Then, after receiving the Quadrati earrings on the U keepers that she requested, Lynn wrote):

Thanks so much for the earrings!! They are just as beautiful and sparkly as I remembered! I love the movement of them.  Now, I can start my collection of earring drops!

Lynn Murray
Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Pamela!   The cuff links finally arrived today just in time for the wedding, and they're absolutely beautiful.

Pamela A.
Hoboken, NJ

I have collected and worn Pamela Coulston's jewellery for a decade and I am still looking forward to acquiring more.  The classic minimalist lines of Pamela's designs never go out of fashion and her attention to detail as well as the use fine materials make her pieces stand out.  I am often complimented on my good taste in jewellery.  Thanks Pamela.

Macy Awad (Artist)
Toronto, Canada, www.macyawad.com

I originally bought a sterling silver bear pendant while on an Arctic cruise and enjoyed wearing it back home.  My three year old granddaughter would always ask to wear it when we were together.  I contacted the cruise line and learned it was made by Pamela Coulston of Disegno Jewellery.  I called Pamela who was very helpful and I ordered a bear pendant for my granddaughter and one in gold which I wear frequently.  Now my granddaughter and I happily wear our matching bears.

Linda Daniels
California, USA

The ring IS GORGEOUS - everything and more than what I hoped for. My fiancé is very impressed with the ring and your work. It fits like a charm and really shows off my engagement ring. MANY, MANY thanks.

Janet Joyce
Toronto, Canada

Dear Pamela   The diamond engagement ring is absolutely beautiful: its lines, the way it feels and how elegant it is. I am so happy.  Scott's sentiments are the same.  Thank you for what you have created.

Clare Davidson
Quebec, Canada

Hi Pamela,   Many thanks for the beautiful inukshuk pendant. I love it. As always your design and craftsmanship are outstanding.

E. Thayer
Ontario, Canada

After many months of hard work in isolation, I made the decision to treat myself and create a piece with my late mother's gold and wedding jewelry. Following a consultation with Pamela, she designed a beautiful piece that incorporated special gems from a few meaningful sources, and it became the most uniquely perfect ring I could ever have gifted myself. Shortly after I received the ring, it unexpectedly adopted a new identity as my wedding band when I decided to marry. Thank you, Pamela, for the one-of-a-kind piece that has merged many loves in my life.
Kim D.