The Gold Bar

Don't Sell Your Gold — Re-design it!

Introducing The Gold Bar Exclusively at Disegno Fine Jewellery

Why re-design at The Gold Bar:

  • Turn out-dated styles into new jewellery reflecting your style now.
  • Get 100% full value for your re-used gold; 75% for credited gold. Typical cash-for-gold schemes pay very low rates.
  • Re-design even the smallest of your beloved gems, all other gems are returned to you with an assessment.
  • Sentimental value of old jewellery lives on in the new design.
  • Re-using old gold is better for the environment.
  • Re-design by professionally trained designer.

Want to know more? Contact Disegno for a detailed brochure explaining gold and gold pricing on the international market, safety tips for selling your gold, and re-designing through The Gold Bar.