The Gold Bar

Gold ring set with part of antique earring.

Don't Sell Your Gold — Re-design it!

We all have un-used gold jewellery tucked to the back of a drawer or jewellery box.   You know you'll never wear it again, but what to do with it?

Introducing The Gold Bar, exclusively at Disegno Fine Jewellery.  With The Gold Bar you can turn these out-dated styles into new custom made jewellery thus getting 100% full value for your re-used gold.  Or if you want to purchase directly from Disegno's showcases or if you want custom designing in platinum or another gold colour  and Disegno works in four colours of 18k gold: yellow, white, rose, and green  get 75% of the market rate for credited gold. Typical cash-for-gold schemes pay very low rates.  Your gems are returned to you with an assessment or can be re-used in new custom jewellery.

Want to know more? Contact Disegno for a detailed brochure explaining gold and gold pricing on the international market, safety tips for selling your gold, and re-designing through The Gold Bar.