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Gem Talks and Trunk Shows

Pamela is now available for speaking engagements.  A Gem of a Talk, A Talk about Gems is an informative — yet accessible and engaging — presentation that is perfect for social club meetings, light entertainment for trade shows, and industry events (particularly in the fashion industry). The presentation is also available in conjunction with a Disegno Fine Jewellery trunk show. In this lively presentation, Pamela will introduce you to:
  • what natural gems are ...
  • ... and are not! Including synthetics, simulants, composites, assembled gems and gem treatments;
  • how we categorize gems into species, groups and varieties;
  • an overview of testing and identifying gems;
  • considerations in grading gems;
  • considerations in designing gems into jewellery;
  • care of gems and jewellery;
  • and lots of time for questions!
Pamela has 30 years of expertise including professional training in jewellery design and gemmology. As a feature writer for Ottawa Life Magazine’s The Jewellery Box series, Pamela is constantly adding to her knowledge base.

For more information or to book your presentation and trunk show, call 613-482-1614.

Jewellery Box

A Field Guide to the Crowns and Gems of the Coronation of King Charles III

A Field Guide to the Crowns and Gems of the Coronation of King Charles III

On May 6th, for the second time in a year, the world will be privy to a rare viewing of...
The Gems in the Imperial State Crown

The Gems in the Imperial State Crown

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of King Charles III provides a rare opportunity to see some of the collection of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.  Chief among them is the Imperial State Crown.
Grey pearl ring 18k green gold.

Pretty little pearls — A wee primer on pearl cultivation

In reality, when it comes to pearls, the world’s not just your oyster, but your bivalve. And since June’s the birth month of pearl, let’s explore how pearls form naturally and how they’re cultivated. First though, a little history.
Pink pearl drops on yellow gold studs.

If June is the month of your birth, the pearl is your stone

Pearl is now the most oft-cited birthstone for June. But, historically, that month was variously assigned emerald, agate, chalcedony, turquoise and cat’s eye. But now it’s pearl with the alternatives of alexandrite and moonstone.
International Space Station

Disegno in Outer Space

Owner/designer Pamela Coulston created pieces carried to the International Space Station by astronaut David Saint-Jacques, making her fine jewellery designs the first to leave the confines of Earth’s atmosphere.
Very large smooth gem in green gold ring.

Birthstone overview: How 12 gemstones became natal symbols

By the time the Israelites were exiting Egypt, gemstones had long been used for talismanic, devotional and medicinal uses.