Ring Sizes

large purple gem upside down in white gold ring.

Disegno uses the standard North America numeric scale for sizing, which starts at 1 and goes to about 16+, with size 6-7 roughly the average for women and a 9-10 roughly the average for men. There are numerous European and international scales (Swiss, French, German, Japanese, the UK Wheatsheaf alphabetic scale et al). Conversions between these scales are not always consistent so in addition to the following conversion table there is the equivalent interior diameter. Please advise Disegno if you are unsure of the size when ordering.

Please also keep the following in mind when determining your size: The time of day, time of month (for women!), dehydration, salty food, prescriptions, ambient temperature, and generally how you are feeling can have an effect on finger sizes.

Because my rings are solid, not hollowed out 'behind the scenes', top-heavy rings should fit the finger snugly to avoid toppling over.

Wider bands, or a stack of rings, usually need a bit more size. Most jewellers keep two widths of finger sizers; use the wider one if available.

If you are determining your finger size from one of your own rings using a ring stick (mandrel), please measure at the middle of the shank/band. And again, keep in mind if you are measuring from a thin band but are now purchasing from Disegno a wide band, you must allow additional space.

Note: Disegno gold and platinum rings are priced up to ring size 9. Larger sizes can require considerably more precious metal, hence the higher price.

Download my Ring Size Conversion Chart (PDF)


Bangle Sizes

bangle, inscribed.

Five sizes are available, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, based on the following interior diameter dimensions. An ideal size bangle should be a little snug going over the widest point of the hand so that it does not hang too low on the wrist. Open cuffs fit differently; contact Disegno for details. Please indicate size (XS, S, M, L, XL) on the order form.

As with ring sizing, the best way to determine your size is to measure one of your own bangles that you know to fit well, or be sized at your local jewellery store. If need be, unworn bangles may be exchanged for another size (see Return Policy).


Extra Small 5.0 cm (2 in.)
Small 5.5 cm (2 3/16 in.)
Medium 6.0 cm (2 3/8 in.)
Large 6.5 cm (2 9/16 in.)
Extra Large 7.0 cm (2 ¾ in.)