Pillowtalk Earrings


Code: AE-41
Weight: 4g

  • Inspired by one of Disegno’s most popular rings, Pillowtalk, these earrings are also in 18k rose gold set with rose quartz. The handmade shepherd’s hooks are on the shorter side so that the drops sit just a few millimeters from the base of the ear lobe. Subsequently, I began to make these as well in 18k yellow gold set with rough, unpolished lapis lazuli. See The Big Picture ring for a close-up on how beautifully textured the rough lapis is (http://www.disegnojewellery.ca/collections/perpetual-emotion/products/the-big-picture) and see the matching Pillowtalk Ring also (http://www.disegnojewellery.ca/collections/fine-lines/products/pillowtalk-ring)
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