Narwhal Tusk


Code: BP-04
Weight: 9g

Code: BB-10
Weight: 9g

  • Ah, the narwhal, the beautiful oddity of the whale world, the unicorn of the Arctic waters. It is of the family of toothed whales yet it has only two teeth, both of which are basically non-functional. In the female both teeth grow to about 8", in the male narwhal the right tooth grows about the same length but the left tooth continues to grow to a length of up to 9', hence monodon monoceros: 'one tooth, one horn'. The name 'narwhal' is Norse in origin, derived from the word meaning 'corpse', referring to the colour of the adult, a white-grey mottled with dark grey. The narwhal tusk is a beautiful organic shape for jewelry. The narwhal tusk pendant is hung by a 'ball and socket' style bail allowing the tusk to rotate. The tusk, both pin and pendant is approximately 3.5"/8 cm long.

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