Mini Inukshuk


Code: BP-07
Weight: 2g

Code: BZ-03
Weight: 2g

Code: BE-01
Weight: 7g

  • The inukshuk is a stone marker of the Inuit, particularly those of the eastern Arctic. 'Inukshuk' means 'in the capacity of a man', in that it could be used to mark a site (a grave, food cache, spiritual site, etc), give direction, or perform any task a person otherwise would. These markers come in various shapes, from a single, small pinnacle stone to an elaborate multi-rock cairn.  Specific names are given relating to the inukshuk's specific purpose and/or shape.  The shape of the inukshuk seen here is an 'inunguak' meaning 'in the shape or form of a man'.  Size: approximately 13 mm high, and the spread of 'arms' approximately 10 mm. (See also the medium and large inukshuk). 

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