Cinephile, Versatile

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These earrings are named after a very favourite Disegno loyalist Gail D. who loves the movies and never misses TIFF.  She came with the kernel of an idea and I riffed on it and came up with this versatile set. 

It starts with a simple stud with a small round high-polished 18k rose gold ball, wear that just as it is. 

Second option: To this add a pair of Singing Bowl enhancers in 18k green gold with a matte finish and hammered texture in the bowl. 

Third option: Hang the 18k rose gold wire circles on the studs (there's a mini loop into which the stud post snugly and securely fits) to show it off against the lobe. 

Fourth: Now, here's a final option that also looks great: hang the wire hoops at the back of the lobe. About three-quarters of it will peek out from behind the ear.  Really sweet.

Price includes the whole set.