Custom Jewellery from Disegno

White gold ring, scattering of multi-coloured gems.
$100 off custom designed jewellery from a professionally-trained designer and gemologist
Let Disegno Fine Jewellery create your next heirloom.  Pamela Coulston is one of the few professionally trained jewellery designers in Canada.  She will design a piece of custom jewellery that reflects your personality and your jewellery aesthetic. 
In a private meeting, Pamela will explore design ideas with you  at no charge  and use her extensive training in gemmology to coach you on the properties and suitabilities of various gems. She will then source the finest of them for you, including Canadian diamonds.  Finally, Pamela will prepare precise drawings followed by a wax model to ensure the piece is exactly to your liking before completion. There are no design fees. Your $100 gift certificate goes directly to the creation of your new heirloom.