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Spinel is a gemologist's gem, one that is not 'knowingly' well known to the public.  I say 'knowingly' because it has been often mistaken for Corundum, i.e. ruby and sapphire.  Red spinel, for instance, was thought to be ruby up until the end of the 1800s when the science caught up.  There is a famous red spinel in the Crown jewels, called The Black Prince's ruby, that in fact is spinel.  The species is still not well known or well appreciated but it is a hard, rare and beautiful gem.  The blue spinel in this ring is all natural, untreated, 1.10 ct and set in platinum. 

Matching platinum bands sold separately at C$1450 per pair.

And, intrigued by red spinel?  Contact Disegno to discuss an exquisite, although not-yet-photographed, red spinel in The Gem Vault collection.  And see other Gem Vault options here:

SOLD. Ask me about making a similar ring for you.