Large Inukshuk



This inukshuk is a replica of the one raised on the grounds of Rideau Hall, the residence of the Governor General of Canada.  Rideau Hall commissioned Disegno to create this beautiful piece of jewellery.

The inukshuk is a stone marker of the Inuit, particularly those of the eastern Arctic. 'Inukshuk' means 'in the capacity of a man', in that it could be used to mark a site (a grave, food cache, spiritual site, etc), give direction, or perform any task a person otherwise would. These markers come in various shapes, from a single, small pinnacle stone to an elaborate multi-rock cairn.  Specific names are given relating to the inukshuk's specific purpose and/or shape.  The shape of the inukshuk seen here is an 'inunguak' meaning 'in the shape or form of a man'.   Size: approximately 30 mm high, and the spread of 'arms' approximately 20 mm. (See also the mini and medium inukshuk).