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A Beautiful Bunch

I've saved my finer, faceted and delicate pairs of gems for this collection.  Three different stud shapes are now available, the Grapes, the Midolline (named after the wee pasta of this same shape) and now Chopsticks.  Important Note: Don't like the stud, but like the drops?  I can swap the studs to whichever of the three is your preference. 

In all cases, the studs can be worn alone and the drops removed.  I've used the same system on all the studs to hang the drops. See the second picture of Flat Black for details and contact Disegno for pricing differences:

All studs are available in 18k gold or in platinum. If you're considering the Midolline in gold, we find it very elegant and understated with a brushed finished.  Drops are in the metals indicated.  Already have a pair of these studs? Drops can be bought on their own, contact Disegno for pricing.

As well, have a favourite gem you'd love to see hanging on these studs?  Happy to create them for you. Disegno keeps in stock a wide range of beautiful natural gems in a wide range of colours. See The Gem Vault for some current examples. Diamonds, including Canadian, are also available.  All prices $Canadian.

The Gem Vault:


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